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The Sneaker King is Coming

As the One Piece franchise prepares for the release of its newest movie, several collectibles have been launched to build some hype. Additionally, for the past two weeks, the weekly series that we all enjoy on crunchy roll, has taken a brief detour to show us some side story episodes that are designed to build up our anticipation. Nothing makes us more hyped for the release of One Piece Stampede than the newest release courtesy of the sneaker experts atmos.

The set of shirts sport a beautiful faux wanted poster, that features the future King of The Pirates, Strawhat Luffy holding up a sneaker graphic with the title of “SNEAKERS KING,” a bounty of 1.5 billion Berries (One Piece‘s currency) and co-branding at the bottom.

The collection drops at atmos’ Propellor-dōri store on August 8 before arriving on atmos’ web store and other outposts the same day that One Piece Stampede premieres in Japan: August 9. Furthermore, One Piece‘s Mugiwara web shop will also receive the goods.

Check out the official One Piece Stampede trailer below:

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